Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween costumes!!

This was a busy month indeed, after making loads of little masks for Maker Faire, getting ready for our first Zombie Walk and now just finishing our Halloween costumes. Whew! November is going to be looking rather mellow after this.

So after the gore-fest of Zombie Walk (and a very effective mess of corn starch, corn syrup and food colouring)...

..we're going classy again with some more masks. We experimented with new materials this time: Jacob modeled and sewed together the base shapes with foam board (bristol boards with a layer of foam sandwiched in-between) which created nicely detailed yet comfortably light masks. He has a plague doctor costume and I just had to go with a spider (after making the miniature mask).

Jacob's mask has polymer clay eyepieces that I painted to look like oxidized copper. There is an inlay of red cellophane to look like red glass lenses:

My mask has (once again) a Venetian feel to it with golden patterns, a few Swarovski crystals and 8 ostrich feathers (to somewhat evoke the spider's hairy legs). I'm conveniently reusing my wedding dress for the costume (which was a simple raspberry red dress) under a black cape:

We'll try to take nice pictures in a park near our house (with old buildings and an old creepy well to boot). It was too windy to get it right today...

Hoping the weather allows for lots of little ghouls visiting us tomorrow!


  1. Jeebus. That spider outfit is creeptastic.

    -- MrJM

  2. Thanks! I grew a very unlikely appreciation for the critters :)